There are many areas of Quincy that some people hurry through - or don't even know exist at all - this is a small sample of what they are missing!

What seems to mundane - for example, the "pigeon of the beach" - the seagull - is oft dismissed as a "dirty" bird and scoffed at for it's mere presence. Seagulls OWN Wollaston Beach all year around. Toss a few of your cold french fries onto the sand and watch the flocks magically materialize. Watch them swoop and battle and argue with each other. Notice that there are many different species - with unique coloring, extraordinary behaviors, and noteworthy facial details - especially their beaks details and “eye makeup." Watch the the hierarchy amongst the flocks - and how much it resembles our own society.

Most of the overlooked details I find at low tide. It enables me to tread in areas that humans rarely go, other than to chase down their canine companions. If they only took the time to crouch down and see the "critter condos" - the many generations of life forms living and dead that still call large chunk of natural granite "home," to lift up that mussel shell to find out the unique material that holds it so strongly to the substrate to which they attach, to look up through the sea lavender into the horizon and see the historical Moswetuset hummock in the distance, or to notice the colorful patterns on the rocks that wash ashore.